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Update #3 on Sewol

A lot of this has actually been caught up on with the western news so most of this you probably already know. Still, this is based on the most recent articles from Naver News.

  • 29 dead, 267 missing. No survivors outside of the original 179 have been rescued.
  • There is a warrant out for the arrest of the captain.
  • The vice principal of Danwon High School was found hanging from a tree. He was among the first of those rescued from the sinking ferry.
  • It has now been roughly 60 hours since the ferry first began to sink.
  • Divers have reached the third deck but at the time of writing (1PM EST) have been unable to make it into the inner cabins.


Update #2 on Sewol

  • Earlier statement that 500 divers was incorrect; 500 rescuers are on site, but only 8 of whom are divers.
  • Death count has risen to 26, 18 identities confirmed. 8 are still unidentified; 5 of the confirmed deaths are students.
  • One of the victims identified as rescued is 5 year old Kwon Ji-young. Her family, consisting of her parents and older brother, are still missing. 
  • The ship is now completely submerged in 90 feet of water. 
  • The captain, 69 year old Lee Joon-seok, is being investigated. He may face criminal charges.
  • Rescue efforts are still underway; the Minister for Defense Kim Min-seok says attempts to push air into the wreckage is difficult and unlikely to work.

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In light of the recent situation, I’m going to use this blog to keep you updated on news of the Sewol because western news outlets haven’t been reporting very quickly/accurately. 

  • At the time of writing (8pm EST) 25 people are confirmed dead. Among those are an unidentified 60 year old male and four second year students: Park Ji-young, Jeong Cha-woong, Kwon Oh-cheon, Im Gyeong-bin and their teacher, Choi Hye-jung. 
  • No survivors have been recovered from the hull of the sunken ship. Officials fear that the body count will rise rapidly. The 16 most recent bodies recover only escalate that fear. Of the 475 passengers aboard the ferry only 179 are confirmed rescued and 271 are still missing.
  • The Korean navy has sent 500 divers in the water, and vessels from China and the United States, namely the USS Bonhomme Richard from nearby homeport of Sasebo, Japan, have aided in the rescue effort.
  • Numerous cranes are schedule to arrive around 7AM on the morning of April 18th. Authorities hope to “inflate” the structure with oxygen, namely making it float again so that those trapped might be able to evacuate. However, the damage to the infrastructure might make this impossible, and authorities don’t want to risk any possible survivors without the consent of the families.

When I find out more information, I will translate it and keep you all posted. Let’s keep the families and the victims in our thoughts and prayers tonight, and hope that they come home safely.